Wednesday, June 06, 2007

S**t happens

When I got home yesterday, I was greeted with this amazing little tale.

JR had taken our house cell phone to use when he went off with a friend; unfortunately, he didn't realize his shorts had a hole in the pocket. Naturally, it didn't drop out when he was in the house, or standing in the yard; no, it dropped out when he was standing right over a storm drain, and it fell right through the grate. And there it laid, until MM called a friend and asked if she had any ideas. Luckily, it dropped on a dry spot, and there was no water in the system.

So over came Naomi with her bag of tricks. First she tried some kind of extension grabber thingy contraption; but the jaws on it didn't open wide enough to get the phone. Next, she wadded up some packing tape and stuck it on some yarn. She dropped the tape right onto the phone, then used the aforementioned grabber to press down and get a tight connection. This was the trick, and she pulled it up and out of the sewer.

Luckily, the women got-er-done. My solution would have involved heavy machinery and or dynamite. No time for subtlety when it comes to wasting money by having to buy a new phone.

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