Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Party for dead people, I think they call that the Democratic Party in America. (sorry, that's the party of brain-dead Americans)

From News of the Weird

One party active in the recent elections in India's Uttar Pradesh state represents the interests of "dead" people. Lal Bihari, 48, works on behalf of an estimated 40,000 living people who have been victims of relatives having declared them legally dead, usually in order to inherit their property, and once the government accepts such a declaration, the legal system in India is too slow, crowded and corrupt to bring that person back to "life." Bihari himself "officially" died in 1976, and despite several schemes (such as kidnapping a cousin in order to be arrested and thus proven to be living), he remained "dead" until his proof of life was accepted in 2004. [Reuters, 5-8-07]

I'm sure liberals would have no problem blaming this example of third world idiocy on George Bush, or even global warming. It's a wonder that some of these societies even function at all.

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