Monday, May 14, 2007

Start calling me "Hard Drive"

If you're not already watching, you have to start tuning in to FSN on weekend nights and catch their cowboy and rodeo shows. One of the shows is the Toughest Cowboy competition. Another show is called X-treme Bull Riding.
In Toughest Cowboy, they have 8 competitors who go head-to-head each week in three separate events---bull riding, saddle bronc riding, bareback riding. These are the first names of the 8 cowboys----Whit, Trey, Trey, Clovis, Chad, Bandy, Nelson, Erik. (I can't believe there's not a Reginald or Montgomery in the bunch) What are the odds that there would be two guys named Trey in this competition, let alone in the entire U.S.

Another reason to watch is listening to the color commentator. I can't remember his name, but imagine in your mind listening to Ross Perot call a bull ride, only a lot more nasally. The guy is a hoot. He comes out with stuff like---"he got hit so hard it knocked the wax right out of his ears."

MM gets a kick out of the names they give to the bulls. Her favorite so far was "Hard Drive," she said that's what she's gonna start calling me. I'll take that over the name of another bull, "Screwball." (though that might be more apt, at times)

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Gabrielle Eden said...

I just remember Dana Carvey imitating Ross Perot