Monday, May 14, 2007

It ain't exactly Margueritaville

Empress of the North Runs Aground
Cruise ship carrying 281 passengers evacuated after running aground off Juneau, Alaska.

This is better than sinking to the bottom of the ocean; but then, who the heck would want to get stranded in Juneau Alaska?
Speaking of stranded in Alaska. Way back when, during my frat days in college, my best friend was president of the frat during our senior year. During pledge week, it was a tradition for the pledge class to kidnap the president, and get him somewhere in hopes he wouldn't get back in time for hell night.
My pledge class drove the current president to Wyoming and left him out in the middle of nowhere. He said he waited alongside of the road, than waved down the first car with a MN license plate, and got back not much later than the guys who dropped him there.
Back to my buddy. The pledge class had a guy from Nome, Alaska. They all chipped in and bought a one-way ticket and flew him off to Nome. When he got there, he simply looked up the family of the pledge, and they took him in. The pledge's dad was a mortician. He became an instant celebrity. The local newspaper did a story, and he was wined and dined by the family. He had his family wire him money for a ticket back. He did make it back in time for hell night.
Hopefully these people stuck in Juneau are having as good a time as he had.

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Gabrielle Eden said...

Cruises are bad news!