Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rebecca the Ripper update

Castration Suspect Says She Acted In Self-Defense
The woman who is accused of attempting to castrate a man with her hands says she acted in self-defense and intends to plead not guilty when she appears in court next month.Rebecca Arnold Dawson's attorney, Jason Wunsch of Lillington, issued a press statement Monday saying his client continues to maintain her innocence in the domestic abuse case which sent Kevin Russ to the hospital on the day after Christmas. Officers responding to a domestic call found Mr. Russ bleeding severely, with his testicles removed. Doctors at Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital were able to reattach them.

Ah, grasshopper, when you can rip the balls out of a man's scrotum, you will be finished with your training. (reference to the old Kung-Fu tv show for those of you to young to remember) I wonder if they teach that form of self-defense in all martial arts.

I'm no lawyer, so I don't understand all the intricacies of pleading. I'm always amazed at how people plead not guilty to things they've obviously done. You can get someone on tape, and have 100 eyewitnesses, but they plead not guilty. Is she going to plead not guilty by reason of intoxication. They found the guy's testicles on the floor for crying out loud. Oh well, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she was protecting herself; but man, it takes some pretty strong cojones to rip out a guy's cojones.


Palm boy said...

Why must we continue with this painful subject?

Although your headline certainally caught my attention.

Anonymous said...

My morbid curiosity has just gotten the better of me. I'm going to follow this through until she's either convicted or acquitted. Think of the ramifications if she gets off. Open season on men's scrotums, no good.