Friday, May 18, 2007

Irish humor, not as great as Polish humor mind you, but funny nonetheless.

Florida Pub in Hot Water Over Ambiguous Bathroom Signs
DESTIN, Fla. — Confusing signs on the bathroom doors at McGuire's Irish Pub have played jokes on customers for years — sending women to the men's room and vice versa.
"We're not trying to be malicious," Martin told the Northwest Florida Daily News. "It's an Irish joke kind of thing."
The men's room sign has large print that reads "Ladies" and smaller text clarifying women shouldn't go in there because it's the men's room. The women's room has a similar sign.

For those of you non-MOBsters, the main gathering spot for the MOB is Keegan's Irish Pub. The MOB is the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers. I've only been to one gathering, but many of them meet every Thursday night for trivia competitions. I don't recall that they tried to play any practical jokes re: the restrooms. They must be unfunny Irishmen there.

Segue: when I was in high school, I worked for some family friends who owned a cleaning business. I'd go at night and clean Minnesota Fabric stores. If you are under the impression that women are neater than men, you're mistaken. The women's bathrooms were totally trashed and disgusting by the end of each day.

Speaking of Irish humor, one of my favorite jokes: An Irishmen is sitting at the bar in a pub and is getting extremely drunk. He decides he needs to go outside for some fresh air. As he slips off the stool, he falls flat on his face to the floor. He figures he's drunker than he thought, but if he could just crawl outside and get some air, he'd be fine. Once outside, he decides he better make it home. So he crawls home. At home, he crawls through the door, up the stairs, and to his bed. He pulls himself up next to his wife and settles in without waking her. The next morning, he's awakened by his wife screaming at him and yelling about him coming home drunk. And how do you know that I was out drinking he yells back at her. Because 1. you smell like liquor, and 2. the pub called this morning, you left your wheelchair there again. (supply your own accents) (go ahead and replace it with a Polishman if you want)

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