Tuesday, May 08, 2007

If they wanted a door weight, Wal-mart probably has one a little cheaper

Minneapolis Institute of Arts buys million dollar African sculpture
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts has bought a top-of-the-line bronze African sculpture for an undisclosed price in excess of $1 million.

I wonder---can this thing throw a ninety five mile an hour fastball? Can it run a 4.4 fourty and get open on third down? Can it sing or dance? Can it play the lead in Hamlet? Just what exactly is it good for? You can find junk like this in flea markets all across the country.

I don't exactly follow the doings of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, but it better be a cold day in hell before I read any stories about them being financially strapped; and they better not be looking for handouts from the taxpayers of MN. I will say this, the statue probably has more brains in it than the person who decided to fork over 7 figures for it.

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