Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cheeseburger in Paradise (for a shark anyway)

Shark Attacks Woman Off Maui
A woman snorkeling off Maui was bitten in the leg by a shark Monday, about an hour after a nearby beach was closed due to a report of a shark bumping a surfer.

Talk about a dream vacation, more like a nightmare. When I was about 16, our family went to Honolulu for vacation. There had been a girl from my hometown who had moved there, so we called her up and got together. One day we went with her to Hanauma Bay, which is a great snorkeling area. My brothers and I were all out snorkeling, when all of a sudden she started yelling at all of us to get out of the water. I didn't think twice about it, I just hauled my fanny out of there. I didn't see it, but she said she saw a rather large eel swimming in our vicinity. I don't know if an eel would have attacked, but I don't take any chances on creatures that have pointy, razor-sharp teeth.

On a sidenote. Another day we went body surfing. Her boyfriend was a native Hawaiian dude who came along with us. The guy knew how to pick the waves. We'd sit there and wait along side of him, as wave after wave would come through; finally, he'd yell go for it, and we'd go for it. He did know which ones were the best, we had some great rides.


Gabrielle Eden said...

This is totally unrelated. Just as an example of how I get beat up on my blog. I go along and never notice that anyone is reading me (o comments) and then I do this thing on homosexuality, and then get a perfect stranger come on telling me how I hate homosexuals and how Jesus tells us to love. The whole point of it is to set people free of sin, but the stranger (named holly) doesn't get it. Wow! Never fails. If I do anything on homosexuality, someone finds me and lashes out! Oh, by the way. Interesting post on a shark.

Anonymous said...

I just posted a comment on that very thing in your blog. I hadn't even read this yet. Uncanny.


Gabrielle Eden said...

That is uncanny, and it feels good to get the support.