Friday, May 18, 2007

I was tagged for a Meme by Steve at Careful Thought II

Thirteen predictions for when I am an old man (in no particular order): I’ll consider I’m old in about 25 more years.

Liberals are still sending in letters to the editor complaining about George Bush stealing the election in 2000. (and 2004)

Kingdavid celebrates his 1,000,000th post; and number of hits tops 10,000.

Britney Spears is released from 75th visit to rehab, and is reunited with her children, both of whom are in a psychiatric hospital, along with Michael Jackson's kids.

Earth’s average temp tops 120 degrees Fahrenheit; new surfing mecca is the north pole. Dang, Al Gore was right all along.

The number of killings attributed to members of the religion of peace, just since the year 2000, tops 500 million.

The price of coffee goes to $100 per pound; Mocha-momma begins selling off organs to feed her addiction.

Kingdavid is in general good health; but is suffering from a debilitating case of ‘blogging fingers.’ Good thing I sued years before to get this listed under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Beloved evangelist Ben the Hammerswing preaches to the largest audience ever in San Francisco. Every gay bar in the city is converted to a church to handle the new converts.

The U.S. Army has implemented a new program which involves training squirrels to attack enemy installations; they not only go at the physical structures, but they also run up and down the roads, disrupting their transportation. They have already perfected the S-bomb, which is a canister that holds hundreds of squirrels; upon breaking up as it hits the ground, the squirrels immediately attack the genitals of those standing nearby.

The children of kingdavid, JR and Hannah, receive rave reviews after their sold-out performance at Carnegie Hall. They are considered the world’s greatest masters at playing the recorder with their noses.

With it’s population now well under a million citizens, Mexico requests to become the 51st state in America. Immediately after ratification, 100 million illegal immigrants cross back over the border into the new state of Old Mexico.

The Minnesota Vikings finally win the Super Bowl; unfortunately I die the day before in a skydiving accident.

Under President PalmBoy, a law gets passed that outlaws liberals from congregating in groups of more than five. Hollywood is immediately shut down.

I could go on and on, but I’ll tag three more: Jonathan, Gino, PalmBoy


Ben Worley said...

San Francisco? Isn't that kind of like Ninevah?

Gino said...

i'll get back to the tag later.
been workin so many hours.

Palm boy said...

"Kingdavid celebrates his 1,000,000th post; and number of hits tops 10,000."

Nice. I think your are right, you do seem to have the highest 'post-to-hit' ratio this side of the border.

And shutting down Hollywood... Haha.
I'll get to my tag later today.