Friday, May 11, 2007

Having diabetes has finally started to pay off

I spent of few hours of my evening last night participating in a research study focus group. A few weeks ago I got a company wide e-mail looking for volunteers who have diabetes. I basically went for the $75, what the heck; but it was very informative and I enjoyed listening to the others who have been living with it for a lot longer than I have.

Now that I'm settled in to the routine of managing the disease, I think I'm ready to now take the celebrity approach to battling it. In other words, I never gave it a second thought in the past, but now that I have it, something needs to be done, and it better get done yesterday.

I blame the entire government, and particularly the Bush administration, for allowing this disease to spread and not forking out enough dough to find a cure. Screw AIDS, M.S., Lou Gherig disease, cancer, lung disease, etc., diabetes should come first and the government just isn't doing what it should. I think we should start Nazi type experimentation on vulnerable human beings, (but don't even think about harming any animals) Next, I want to organize a large concert, Live Diabetes, and spread the word that for those of us living with diabetes---We Are the World. I'm going to see if I can get myself booked on Oprah, or maybe even Jerry Springer. I expect that liberals everywhere should start falling all over themselves to proclaim me a role model and start forking over cash to my pet project: Show Me the Money (for diabetes).

My first order of business will be to start a blog dedicated to battling this insidious disease; how do I get PayPal set up so that you all can start sending me some dinero?

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