Thursday, May 31, 2007

Da dah, Da dah: (imagine the theme to Jaws)

Turnabout at the lake: Fish goes boying
The lunker swimming in Lake Calhoun was either hungry or angry, and it decided to attack a child's ankle at the main beach.

The family later was told that the likely culprit was a muskellunge or a tiger muskie -- a muskie-northern hybrid.

We'll have to start calling them Lake Squirrels. Aquatic AKJ terrorists are now infesting Minneapolis lakes.

Look at them choppers. (trivia quiz, what movie is that line from)


Night Writer said...

I knew you'd be all over this one.

The line was from one of the Michael Douglas/Kathleen Turner adventure flicks (not "War of the Roses", which I don't recommend). I think, "Jewel of the Nile"?

Anonymous said...

So close. That was the sequel. It was from the first movie: Romancing the Stone. One of the villains had an alligator fetish.