Tuesday, May 29, 2007

But I'm open to offers

Vox Day posted a link today to a site that presumably sets a value to your website. He said his site was valued at $3,994.

Now, I don't know how many of you read Vox Day; but he's a weekly columnist for World Net Daily, a fantasy fiction author, and a fellow blogger. I'm not sure of his whole story, but I know he's originally from MN, that Vox Day is a pseudonym for Theodore Beale, and that he's an extremely bright guy. His posts will regularly get comments in the 50-100 range, and he's a bane to many liberals, he being a libertarian. Anyway, you would think his blog should be considerably more valuable than mine.

But you'd be wrong blogger-breath, for this website value calculator came back with this when I put in the The Far Wright:

Your site is valued at: $68,359,743

I'm not a greedy man, so if anyone would like to buy me off for a flat $50 mil, I'd be open to offers.

Check it out yourself at: Website Value Calculator


Jonathan said...

Aoc is right around a cool $43,155,226.

Which just proves that the site is complete bull...or at least a little confused :P

Then again...

Jonathan said...

I just checked his blog, and it looked awfully familiar.

Not to get down on the guy, but he must be riding on that reputation quite a bit. His stuff is alright, and they are short blerbs...but nothing I would consider to be spectacular.

Still, 50-100 comments is downright crazy.

Gabrielle Eden said...

I used this on my blog.