Sunday, April 01, 2007

Weeeeeeee're Back

I am sitting in my beloved recliner, with my beloved laptop, in my beloved home, in our beloved home town, in beloved MN; and loving it. We had a great spring break, but there's no place like a home.

Our flight was delayed for 1 1/2 hours last night, so we didn't get into Minneapolis until 1:30 am this morning. We had one other minor glitch with our homecoming---my dad had dropped us off last week, and kept our van in his garage; he was going to drop the van off at the airport for us so we could just drive straight home, but when he went out last night the battery was completely dead. So, he just came and got us, we slept a few hours at grandma/grandpas apartment, then called AAA to come and jump the van this morning.

I don't think anybody in the McAllen/Mission area of Texas know how to actually drive the speed limit. It seemed they were either driving 30+ mph over the limit; or, in the vast majority of cases, they drove 15-25 mph below the limit.

You haven't seen the Simpsons until you've seen it dubbed in Spanish. The nuances of Homer's speaking just didn't come through with a Mexican guy's voice. What's worse, it's nearly impossible to do a Scottish accent in Mexican; Willie just wasn't as funny listening to him with a Mexican accent.

We've seen mariachi singers in a number of different Mexican establishments when we've been down there; but you don't really expect to find them in a Denny's, which we happened upon on South Padre Island.

Curse the Islamic jihadists and the politically correct liberal bozos who have forced air travelers to go through the stupid security measures at the airport. MM had forgotten to put her hand lotion in checked baggage coming home, so that was confiscated in Harlingen. It was her favorite lotion--Clinique. A woman who was standing there told MM that she knew someone who had a $100 bottle of perfume confiscated. What do they think, these women are going to hijack a plane by threatening to stink up the cockpit.

We had a marvelous week, and wish it didn't have to come to an end. We are definitely into picture taking and have no qualms about acting the tourist when we go on vacations. Here's a few pictures from the South Padre Island part of the trip.

JR trying to catch a sea gull (the insidious squirrels of the bird world, one actually dive bombed JR with a load of doo-doo)

Boogie-boarding. (Now the kids each have two boogie-boards that sit in our shed all year)

Part of a huge mural on the side of Padre's convention center; the Laguna Madre Nature Trail is right next to this, which is where the next picture was taken.

We finally did see the alligator this trip. We been here numerous times and have never seen it. I actually jumped over the boardwalk and wrestled him around; unfortunately the camera wasn't working at that time. Crikey, that was fun.
I started my own Muscle Beach on Padre. Unbelievably, other than a few college kids on a late spring break, I was probably the best physical specimen on the beach; some people shouldn't be allowed on public beaches wearing swim wear. (sorry Gabriel, no speedo shots)

I wouldn't be caught dead in a speedo; but a nice thong bikini, that's me.

It was either a nice tropical shirt or this for a souvenir; I decided to go with the shirt; of course, I regret it now.

Aaaaah, spring break in Texas. Versus spring break in Minnesota, shown below.


Gabrielle Eden said...

That's OK. For Mocha-momma's sake, I wasn't that set on seeing the speedo!

Palm boy said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your hiatus to the lone star state.