Friday, April 27, 2007

Their P.I.T. was the pits

Right after getting home from work yesterday, I sat down to relax a little bit and watch some tv. I stumbled onto a news network that was showing a police pursuit situation out of Los Angeles. (kind of like the O.J. chase) It was a stolen Nissan Ultra that had already had the tires blown with spike strips. There were 12 cop cars in the chase, and it had been going on for about an hour when I started watching.

I am totally flabbergasted at the ineptitude and idiocy of the LAPD in getting this guy off the road. I watched it for about twenty minutes, and rather than relaxing, I found myself getting more p.o.ed by the minute. First of all, they had the guy on a 4-lane highway at one point, he's almost on his rims, with rubber flying off like crazy, and no other cars in sight, but they let him drive on unaccosted.

Then, when he gets onto a side road, with other cars all over the place, they decide to try a PIT maneuver
(Precision Immobilization Technique) Precision is about the worst possible word to describe the lame attempts. Twice, the wimpy cops barely nudged the car, and he just kept going. The third attempt worked to a point; the guy lost control a little and swerved toward the sidewalk. About 10 seconds later two squads pulled up, to within about 20 feet, and the guy just drove off again like nothing happened. By this time I'm screaming at the tv and Mocha-momma is telling me to lighten up.

They finally had to break away from the chase to go to a different program. The bozo was still going, on rims, with his entire rear bumper dangling by a thread. The guy was putting hundreds of other cars and passengers in jeopardy with his careless driving, and the LAPD acted like a bunch of liberal pansies in letting this guy have his way with them. Just take him out, now.

I see on FoxNews this morning that they finally did execute a PIT that worked, and they were able to handcuff him. Man that torques me off. Just like the liberal mindset with terrorists, this is equally as irksome. Let the guy run wild for hours on the freeways and roads, and risk getting innocent people killed, just because they don't want to do the right, but hard, things to take him out. The guy gave up his rights to be handled in a civilized manner when he chose to steal a car and bolt when cops tried to get him to stop.


FallenAngel said...

Tell me really,

Does the LAPD being inadequate really actually SURPRISE you?

kingdavid said...

You'd think they would have this whole scenario nailed down by now. I wonder how many times per year they have these chases.

Letting somebody drive around for hours with 12 cops chasing them just seems totally absurd; but, no, I guess I'm not really surprised. Fear of lawsuits can be a great immobilizer.