Monday, April 23, 2007

Some lessons you shouldn't need to learn by experience.

Boy eaten after taunting crocodiles
9-year-old climbs over fence, becomes fatality
Beijing, China
A schoolboy who climbed over a fence into a crocodile enclosure and taunted the animals with sticks and a catapult was dragged into the water and eaten.
Investigators searched for the missing boy and decided to check inside the crocodiles. Snipers used pork to lure them out of their pool and shot dead the first animal to lumber on to the bank.
Inside it they found human remains that were confirmed to be those of the boy.

Mocha-momma and I have a 9-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy. We have talked to them on numerous occassions about what to do if strangers approach them, about drugs, about peer pressure, etc. It has never crossed my mind to talk with them about not taunting predatory animals that could possibly eat them.

Luckily, in MN, we don't have to worry about crocodiles. I'll have to remind them not to taunt the local squirrel population though.

(p.s. we just had another dog attack in Minneapolis. A little girl was attacked by a pit-bull. That's three horrible attacks by dogs just in the last few weeks. It seems like a vicious catch-22 situation. I'm sure people in Minneapolis keep these kind of aggressive dogs for protection; but, they then can turn around and attack innocents as well)

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