Sunday, April 08, 2007

Oh say can you see

The pastor who gave the sermon at my parent's church today came up with a unique message. He used Matthew 28 as his text, and compared verses to the Star Spangled Banner. I won't begin to explain the details of his comparisons; but I will say he did a wonderful job and it all made alot of sense as he was going through it.

After church we went to brunch at some fancy-shmancy Italian Restaurant---the Chianti Grill, and I have just two words to express what I thought of the food and service: It Sucked.

Old Country Buffet puts on a better spread, but I guess since this place uses cloth napkins, they feel they can gouge you for the lousy food.

Besides that, it was a nice day with family, and it's always a good day when you remember that God is on His throne and Jesus is alive. He has risen indeed.

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Gabrielle Eden said...

Jesus is risen and he conquered Diabetes!