Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Master's Championship

Zach Johnson: never heard of him. I wonder what the odds in Vegas were on him. I imagine whoever did bet on him pulled in some pretty good dough.

As far as our contest goes----I gave a ranking of 61 to any players who didn't make the cut. Marcus had the best rankings; but, he did choose Michelson and Woods who were suppose to be excluded, according to the original rules.

I had picked VJ Singh as the winner in the contest, and he let me down again. During the next three majors, no more VJ. I've picked him in major's contests over the last few years, and although he's always in the hunt come Sunday, he's never pulled through for me.

The Results:
Dan S. Furyk-13, Els-61, Ogilvy-24, VJ Singh-13 111
Dave B Harrington-7, Scott-27, Langer-61, VJ Singh-13 108
Marcus Michelson-24, Woods-2, Ogilvy-24, Casey-10 60
KD Goosen-2, Els-61, VJ Singh-13, Weir-20 96
Uncle Ben Hogan, Ballesteros, Palmer, Rodriguez (what’s the symbol for infinity)


Gabrielle Eden said...

I feel stupid reading this....because none of it really makes sense to me

Night Writer said...

I'd barely heard of Zach Johnson either, but I recognized the name he used in the first post-round interview and then again in the sit-down with Jim Nantz in the Butler cabin:


In the first interview he was asked what was going through his mind that allowed him to stay so calm as he finished the last few holes, knowing that Tiger was making a charge. He said he didn't know that he was all that calm, but his faith is very important to him and he said he could literally feel Jesus Christ and his grandfather walking with him.

Dan S. said...

Yeah! I had the highest score -- I win!!