Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It's always the hidden costs that kill you

Have you heard about the Grand Canyon Skywalk that recently opened? I posted previously on it, and mentioned that the fee is $25.

Well, I just got off of the Fraters Libertas site, and they had a post that highlighted a report from Mark Yost on WSJ.com Opinion Journal. He visited the skywalk and gives a complete rundown on what to expect.

The surprising thing was it doesn't cost just $25 to walk on it. First you have to pay a $50 fee just to enter the reservation. The minimum you have to fork over is $75. If you're planning on visiting there, check out this tour package site, which outlines the different options.

Personally, I have no desire to fork out $75 just to piss my pants looking straight down at 4000 feet of nothing but air.


Gabrielle Eden said...

Do you have to 'piss your pants' - is that part of that package?

kingdavid said...

They probably charge extra for a catheter and/or a barf bag.