Thursday, April 19, 2007

God watches over fools, drunks, and---Jack Russell Terriers

Terrier chases Easter Bunny over 150ft cliff
ISLE OF MAN (UK) Apr 8, 2007
Talk about a bad hare day. A Jack Russell Terrier named "Nell" chased after a rabbit on Easter (Maundy) Thursday and ended up flying over the edge of a 150 ft. cliff.
To everyone's surprise, Nell was found completely unharmed.

My sister has had Jack Russell Terriers, and believe me, it takes a special sort of pet owner to live with the energy levels of these dogs.

This reminds me of some of the greatest video footage I have ever seen. It was a scene of a helicopter that was chasing down a wolf, (I think it was to tranquilize and tag it) and the wolf was fleeing at full tilt. The wolf came upon the edge of a cliff, and without even a second thought, leapt over the edge. It must have been about a 150 foot drop as well. There was snow on the ground, and this wolf landed with an explosion of snow, and took off running full blast within a heartbeat. I think my jaw hit the floor when I saw that.

I imagine that humans have survived this type of fall, but they were probably fools and drunks that did it.

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