Tuesday, April 03, 2007

As the reigning Mr. Far Wright, I can relate to this

Mr. Universe Arrested for Assault While in Insulin Shock
REDWOOD CITY, California — The reigning Mr. Universe was sprayed with mace and wrestled to the ground by police officers, who mistakenly believed he was intoxicated when the diabetic bodybuilder actually was going through insulin shock.

Mocha-momma is starting to carry around a stun-gun in case this ever happens to me. Normal glucose levels are between 70-120. This guy must have gotten way below 70. The closest I came was an 80, and that just happened last week. Even at that point I was feeling rotten, and had to get some carbs in me to get it up a little bit higher.

I've been on insulin for just over a month now, and I still can't get a decent handle on my levels. I check 4 times a day, and I range from around 130-190. I haven't quite grasped the key to keeping it below 120 and on a consistent basis. Last week on vacation it was really bad, because basically I said screw the food restrictions and ate whatever I wanted. I got up over 200 a few times. (I still can't figure out how that 80 hit me) Even the low 200's is way better than where I was before I got diagnosed.

p.s. doesn't it strike you as odd that Mr. Universe is always from planet earth.

(sorry, I stole that line from David Letterman)


Gabrielle Eden said...

I pray for your release from that. I have a friend who was to be dying from complications from reactions to cancer treatments. Her heart had been affected. Now, suddenly, she is showing signs of recovery, and we have been praying for her. We are believing that this is God. I would like to hear the same is happening to you. I fasted and prayed for you, as I did for her. Diabetes is a wicked thing.

Bike Bubba said...

KD, some of the engineers at my company have actually managed to get excellent control of those sugar/insulin levels simply by plotting things out over time and watching what happens when "Meal A" is introduced to them. You might do well to ask around and see what is out there to level things out.

(want me to ask around for you as well?)