Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oh my!!! I just live for the day this list comes out.

Mr. Blackwell Names Britney Spears and Paris Hilton Worst Dressed (FoxNews)
LOS ANGELES — Dubbed "style-free and fashion deprived," Britney Spears and Paris Hilton tied for the No. 1 spot on Mr. Blackwell's 47th annual "Worst Dressed" list released Tuesday.
Some of Blackwell's nastiest words were reserved for Camilla Parker-Bowles, a member of the British royal family, who finished No. 2 on the list. "The Duchess of Dowdy strikes again," wrote Blackwell. "In feathered hats that were once the rage, she resembles a petrified parakeet from the Jurassic age. A royal wreck."

My thought on the whole fashion industry in general: if everyone and everything related to it fell off the face of the planet, the earth wouldn't miss a beat. I'm not talking about the clothing industry; just the Versaces and Diors, supermodels, and idiotic runway struts where they wear and show off fashion idiocy that 99% of the population laughs at and would never wear, even to a halloween party.

I can tell you why these women were all put on the list---none of them wear wrist sweaters. I bet Mall Diva would make it on the Best Dressed list just based on wearing those.

I never was a big believer in the concept of "the clothes make the man" There are an awful lot of men with fine character and integrity that I've met who wear clothes off the rack from Walmart. The only fashion rule I've ever been aware of is you don't wear white after Labor Day; in MN, that's so you won't blend into the snow banks and get run over by cars.

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