Saturday, January 06, 2007

Enjoy the pics

Some bridge/tunnel between Sweden and Denmark. This must really freak out all the drug addicts who drive this thing.

I spent 10 years with Xerox and probably cleared over a thousand paper jams, never saw this though.

Looks like Mocha-momma, JR and myself after we dug out from last week's snowstorm.

Selling Girl Scout cookies in Florida

Visual this the next time you read the "Footprints" poem.

"I'm not dead yet" "Dammit, and we already bought the coffin"

Tatanka!! Big, big, big Tatanka. I think you'd need a bazooka to take this guy down if he was charging you.


Mercy Now said...

Yo, Happy BirthDay!

Gabrielle Eden said...

again hear Johnny Carson saying 'funny funny stuff'