Saturday, December 30, 2006

How to buy a deep-fryer: ala Mocha-momma

Step 1: spend years thinking about getting a new one to replace the unsafe, falling apart old one.
Step 2: spend considerable amount of time on internet searching out different ones and reading reviews.
Step 3: don't buy the one at Walmart that you looked at first and fit all your criteria, but decide you want to check out Target.
Step 4: buy one from Target that you thought was the one you had seen in your research that had great reviews.
Step 5: get home and open, discover that it wasn't the same exact one and that it didn't have the thermostat on it that you wanted.
Step 6: return it at another Target when we go out for dinner; buy a different brand which you don't really like, but it has a thermostat and some other features.
Step 7: get that one home, open it up, discover that it's not insulated and that the outside will get hot, which you don't want. Get really, really pissed again. It's getting late, and you're tired and now a little cranky; but decide to return it tonight and either get another one there or go to Walmart.
Step 8: decide to go right to Walmart first; buy the one that you looked at days ago, which has all the features you wanted, and which costs $20 less than the one you bought at Target.
Step 9: call Target and see if you can return the one later when check has cleared and you can get cash back instead of a store credit
Step 10: walk in the house with two deep-fryers and tell your husband not to ask any questions and you'll explain later.
Step 11: open it up, look at it from top to bottom, read all the specs, ensure that it's got everything you want, then confess that, as we've learned in the past, Walmart usually has exactly what we need and the prices are better.


Gabrielle Eden said...

That's what I've been trying to say.....

Gabrielle Eden said...

I did a post a while ago that said I like Walmart. Walmart is the mainstay of a person on the road.

Palm boy said...

Deep fryer? How often do you plan on using it?

Gino said...

walmart rules, and i dont care what the union says about it.

Mercy Now said...

If it feels sturdy and it's from Walmart, then it's good enough. Too much thinking makes the head hurt and my head was hurting after reading this post! :o)

Happy Nu Yr!

kingdavid said...

Yep, back to Walmart, where we belong. I said this about a week before X-mas when we couldn't find some things we wanted after going to about 4 different other specialty stores. They didn't have them, Walmart did.

If we're gonna die someday, we're gonna die eating the foods we like. I've said before, my grandpa lived to 73 eating chunks of salami for evening snacks, Linda McCartney live to 55 eating bean sprouts. Mocha-momma hates baking frozen stuff, and she also makes alot of homemade donuts and other things that taste best right out of a fryer.

The test run came at our New Years Eve Party: she made fried won-tons and breaded mushrooms. They came out fantastic.