Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dieting tips from extra-terrestrials: how to lose extra pounds without going to planets with less gravity

We went shopping at Wal-mart today. Now, it would seem to me that on the Saturday before New Years Eve and New Years Day, they might expect there to be lots of shoppers. So why did they have like 3 cashier lines open with people backed up out into the main aisle. I'm sorry, but I think management should have done a little better job preparing. That's not the theme of this post though.

Since we had to wait so long, I began perusing all the covers of the tabloids and magazines that they have stocked. I'd have to guess that probably 90% of them had as their top stories on the covers something to do with dieting. Most of them were talking about secrets of Hollywood stars. I'll tell you what the secret is for Hollywood stars---lose 20 lbs fat-ass or you're not gonna get that $million payday for this role.

That's some pretty good motivation. For the rest of us, who don't have that type of motivation, it boils down to this: will-power and perseverance. I've started losing weight a number of times, and after a few weeks I lose some good weight; but, not where I want to be. I lose the will-power to continue and keep it going. I'm as guilty as the next guy, I want to lose it, but with the least amount of effort that I can exert. It doesn't work that way.

If there are aliens out there, which I don't believe; but if there was, I wonder if they have problems with weight control like us earthlings do.