Wednesday, December 27, 2006

AKJ cells are moving into your suburb.

Coyotes love suburbs, but feeling isn't mutual
Locally and across the country, the animals are creating comfortable lives in the suburbs, and that's causing safety worries among the human residents.

"People have been trying for generations to kill coyotes, but they've always failed," said Bryan Lueth, urban wildlife specialist for the DNR. "Coyotes are adaptable and intelligent, and you can never get them all."

"They're like the Super Bowl of trapping," Meis said. "I have the greatest respect for coyotes. They're suspicious, they're intelligent; their smell is uncanny. ... The last two things that will walk the earth are a coyote and a turkey."

Hah, I say. If they're so bleeping smart and intelligent, why didn't Wile E Coyote ever catch the Roadrunner. He used every trick in the book and still couldn't nail a stupid bird whose whose whole vocabulary was beep-beep.

I haven't seen or heard about any in our neck of the woods yet. I'm gonna have to get JR his gun a little sooner than I thought. We'll be ready for these canine terrorists when they start infiltrating Rockford.

In the meantime, this is our biggest fear: the cute, loveable little squirrel.

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