Monday, October 08, 2007

When pets go bad

Georgia Man Gored to Death by Deer
BALL GROUND, Ga. — A man has been found dead at his home in Ball Ground after apparently being attacked by a deer.
The body of 66-year-old John Henry Frix was found around 8 p.m. yesterday inside the deer's pen on his property. Cherokee County Sheriff's Sergeant Jay Baker says he had been gored several times in the upper body by a deer's antlers.

The deer was one of several Frix kept on his property. His relatives told sheriff's deputies the deer had recently been acting very aggressive, probably due to rut -- the period when deer mate.

I don't blame the deer. I'm sure most of us guys have gone through the same feelings.

I also know the dangers that are inherent in pet ownership. I myself have been subject to some near fatal attacks. One time, one of our guinea pigs nibbled away on my finger, which could have led to bleeding and possible death; or, it could have just as easily gone after my throat. It's also a danger when, at night, an obese cat will come walking across my face as I sleep.