Thursday, October 04, 2007

Isn't this why we have kids

Jonathan, I'm ready for my jello.

Robots may aid aging Japanese population
TOKYO - If you grow old in Japan, expect to be served food by a robot, ride a voice-recognition wheelchair or even possibly hire a nurse in a robotic suit — all examples of cutting-edge technology to care for the country's rapidly graying population.

Operating a joystick with his chin, developer Shigehisa Kobayashi maneuvered the arm toward a block of silken tofu, deftly getting the fork to break off a bite-sized piece. The arm then returned to a preprogrammed position in front of the mouth, allowing Kobayashi to bite and swallow.

I wouldn't use my own arms to try and eat a piece of silken tofu. What I want to know is can the thing cut through a slab of New York strip and dip it some steak sauce? I know the big question on Gino's mind: can it twirl up some spaghetti and get it into your mouth without spilling sauce all over your shirt?

I don't know about this, it would seem like a lot of work. How about just putting the plate in front of me, then putting my face right on the plate, and I could just gobble up as much as I wanted. (in between breaths)

Although my beard is turning white, (not my hair, yet, thank you) I'm still a ways away from getting to the age where these type of considerations will have to be made. I think as equally important a consideration would be what do you do with the food once it reaches the end of the whole digestive process. Hmm, that Depends.


Bike Bubba said...

Birth rate in Japan is about half the replacement rate at about 1.1-1.4 children per woman. Yes, they're looking into robots for a very good reason.

Gino said...

next robot: the butt cleaner.