Monday, October 01, 2007

Continued fallout from the Bear's collapse

Italian archbishop closes convent after nuns come to blows

They don't say it in the story, but I've heard the real reason for this closing.

It seems that the Mother Superior was a Lions fan, and she started talking some trash at a few of the nuns, who themselves were big Bears fans.

In related news, a convent in Norway was reprimanded for burning an effigy wearing a gold #4 jersey.


Gino said...

the bears are trying a new thing this year.

its called the 3/4 football game.

after this year's introduction, they'll get it made official for next season.

you all be sorry, then.

bwah ha ha ha...

Palm boy said...

Hey, that would work better then the 1/10th of a football game they play now, special teams. :D