Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mocha-momma could have done a better job on the face painting

He will swallow up death forever, And the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces; The rebuke of His people He will take away from all the earth; For the Lord has spoken. (Isaiah 25:8)

Okay, I have absolutely nothing against the guy shedding some tears for Diana. She obviously meant a great deal to him, for whatever reason. Real men can cry over the loss of someone special to them; maybe not 10 years later, but hey, I can still get teary when I think about Old Yeller getting shot.

What I do have a problem with is a guy who looks like he's in his 30's or 40's getting face-painted. Okay dude, that has crossed some really bizarre line. If you're going to a soccer match right after the memorial service and you're cheering for Team Diana, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.


Gabrielle Eden said...

that's a funny pic

Gino said...

that guy is gay.

Palm boy said...

Darn it, Gino beat me to it.

Anonymous said...

MM's immediate response was, 'for crying out loud, get a life.'