Saturday, September 22, 2007

Life's simple pleasures are the best

Johnny Appleseed Prayer
The Lord is good to me
And so I thank the Lord
For giving me
The things I need
The sun, the rain and the apple seed.
The lord is good to me

A scouting standard. I'm sure Palmboy must have sung this a few times. A good song to sing while out on a date with my 3 girls---apple picking. JR is off at Boy Scout camp until Sunday morning.


Gino said...

does this mean you get fresh apple pie tonite?

kingdavid said...

Apple pie and apple crisp will be on the menu for a while. I'm not big on apple pie; what I want to do is go get some caramel. I love caramel apples this time of year.

I think I remember reading one time that through the 1800's apple pie was the most popular food in America.

Palm boy said...

Huh.. I don't think I've heard that before.

For food, for raiment
For life, for opportunity
For friendship and fellowship
We thank thee, O Lord

That was a standard scout prayer...

kingdavid said...

Really; must be a Minnesota thing then.

The appleseed grace is sung, but I don't know what tune to compare it to so you'd know how it goes.

Everyone keep me in your prayers---I interviewed for a district executive position with our scout council; I should hear back in a week or two.

Night Writer said...

This time of year the Reverend Mother and I like to play a round or two of golf at Applewood Hills near Stillwater. The course is laid out in an orchard and you can help yourself to apples along the way. The RM will often pick up enough to make a lovely apple crisp when we get home.

And you should see what an 8-iron does to a half-rotted apple!