Friday, September 14, 2007

Groom Your Pallbearers

I heard a speaker once say that we need to groom our pallbearers. Think about it. If you die today who would carry your casket. Wouldn't it be sad if you had so few friends and family that the church would have to supply these people!

And so starts the blogging career of a good friend of mine who finally decided to throw his hat in the ring. Dave, and his wife Naomi, have been following my blog for a while now, and Dave gives me a lot of ideas for posts. Now he'll be able to use them himself. Naomi is a fan of Cathy in the Wright.

Dave will definitely be posting from a Christian perspective; but, he's also up on the political scene locally. He lives in the Hennepin county part of Rockford, just across the river from us. (Rockford is part Wright county, part Hennepin, the dividing line being the Crow River, that might change soon though) I know he's been active in the Republican party from our town in the past.

Anyway, drop in and say hi to Dave. He knows most of you. Check out Young Dead Elms (which will be explained when you get there)


Dave said...

Thanks for the nice words Dave; Hopefully I won't get writers block.

Cathy said...

Well that was nice to read! Always great to hear one has a fan. Unfortunately, I believe my blog is about as dead as some of the critters I've posted over the years. I think Moveable Type refuses to support my ancient version anymore. I'm working on a new place in Blogger...but it has been less than inspiring.

Thanks, King, and thank-you, Naomi!