Thursday, September 13, 2007

Add another rule to the list for camping

We all should know not to keep food in your tent. What you don't know---don't wear cologne if you're going to hang around the campfire.

Milwaukee Man Sues Makers of Brut After Cologne Ignites on Camping Trip
MILWAUKEE — An 81-year-old Milwaukee man has sued the makers of Brut cologne after it ignited and burned parts of his hands, chest and neck.

He washed and shaved in a bathhouse on the camp grounds and applied Brut lotion to his face, neck and chest with his hands. He also used the aerosol deodorant. He then went to a fire pit to cook breakfast.

"Our view is there is no warning that after you apply it, you remain flammable for some period of time," Hanrahan told the newspaper. "You aren't thinking, 'I'm still flammable."'

I'm sorry for the guy, burns have to be one of the worst things a human body has to endure; but, c'mon, what kind of guy wears cologne out in the woods camping? I don't know for a fact, but wouldn't cologne simply be an attracting odor to bugs, or even bears. I don't know. What do you need to smell good for? I thought the whole idea of camping was to rough it; and that includes being stinky, sweaty and disheveled on purpose, and not giving a rat's ass who smells you.

I hope Jonathan learns a valuable lesson from this post---he's a camper through and through. He likes Axe though, I wonder if that's flammable.

I haven't worn cologne in years; but back in high school and college, I was a High Karate man. I imagine that men's cologne has gone through a lot of changes since then. Let's take a poll, how many of you guys wore High Karate in your day?

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Palm boy said...

Axe? Axe is really flameable. You can use it as a fire starter, for crying out loud.
And it makes a wicked sweet flame thrower.