Friday, August 10, 2007

Wonka Award Winner: Reality is always stranger than fiction

Texas Flower Delivery Order Leads to Million Dollar Suit, Messy Divorce
MISSOURI CITY, Texas — A Missouri City, Texas, man has filed a federal lawsuit against 1-800-FLOWERS, Inc. after they sent his wife a thank-you card for flowers he ordered for another woman.

After Greer ordered the flowers in April, 1-800-flowers reportedly sent a thank-you card to his home, which his wife saw. She then called the company, and they faxed her a copy of the receipt, the note he sent with the flowers that read "just wanted to say that 'I Love you'" and a report of what he actually purchased.

It's true---everything is bigger in Texas. Even husbands screw up on a far bigger scale down there. He's lucky though, he could have been married to 'The Castrator" from North Carolina.

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Bike Bubba said...

Serves him right, except it's a shame he's not married to Lorena Bobbitt.