Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Today was Take Your Child to Work Day; so Hannah came along with me. It wasn't exactly an exciting day for her, but there were some highlights. The president of our division talked to all the kids/parents, and he asked questions about the company and gave out prizes. Hannah answered one and got a $10 gift card to Target. They also gave all the kids a bag full of goodies; which included a great beach towel, beach games set, some other little trinkets and candy.

Some AKJ events to report on:

Great Dane Knocks Over Pistol, Shoots Owner

Yeah right, an accident. He was shot in the back. What does that tell you.

Python Sneaks Up on, Bites 15-Month-Old in N.C. Park
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A 15-month-old boy suffered minor injuries when he was attacked by a 4-foot ball python in a Mecklenburg County park here.

I'm not even gonna try and comment on the headline there. Yes I am. Did they really need to say that the python snuck up on the boy. That's what snakes do isn't it? It would have been a headline had the snake come up, stolen a sucker out of his mouth, then challenged him to a fight. I'm just glad the little guy is OK.

In other news:

Alcohol Causes More Brain Damage in Females

I'm not even going to go anywhere with this, I live with one. (not a drinker, a female; they all stick together though)

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