Sunday, August 12, 2007

Life imitates the movies

We all loved this movie. If you haven't seen it, we'd recommend it for family viewing anytime. Those of you who saw the movie, remember the part with Jasmine near the end, when the uncles tell Walter that she got to act like a real lion. We had the same experience yesterday with our cat.
Socks is simply a pampered, overfed, queen of the palace housecat. We got her when she was about 4 years old from some people who were moving. She had never, ever, gone outside; and, she had been declawed. We've had her about three years now, and last summer we started letting her outside. She'd stick pretty close to home. This year she's starting to adventure out a little more away from the house.
Anyway, yesterday she had slipped out when MM and I were getting ready to head out. I had gotten the car and was waiting in front of the house for MM. As she was getting into the car, she said Socks just took off in front of the house after a chipmunk. I looked over and saw Socks in front of the porch, with the chipmunk dangling out of her mouth. She slunk back into her favorite bushes while we drove off. When we got home, MM went to look and see if the little rodent was laying there dead, and half eaten. She didn't see anything though. We're assuming Socks just put her down and it got away.
She was a real predator though; the feline extincts hadn't gone away. I'm wondering if she'll have dreams about this moment of glory for the rest of her life.

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Gabrielle Eden said...

I love that movie! Good choice!