Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I'm doing a complete 180 on squirrels

Domestic Terror in Iran
Over 40 people have been arrested on charges of espionage since April, 20 in the southern city of Shiraz. Khomeinist paranoia reached a new peak last week when the authorities announced, through the Islamic Republic News Agency, the capture of four squirrels in the Western city of Kermanshah and claimed that the furry creatures had been fitted with "espionage devices" by the Americans in Iraq and smuggled into the Islamic Republic.

If a movie ever needed to be made, this is it. Heck, make it a trilogy---The Squirrel Identity, The Squirrel Supremacy, The Squirrel Ultimatum. I might direct them myself.

(H/T to Chad the Elder at Fraters Libertas)


Palm boy said...

Hey, that movie would be better then the zany Bourne Trilogy.

kingdavid said...

I have to admit that I rather enjoy the movies. I can't wait to see the last one.

Ordinarily I detest seeing movies of books I've liked, because the books are always (always) better than what Hollywood contrives. Robert Ludlum was one of the first authors that I liked to the point of finding everything he had written and reading it all.

This story about the 007 squirrels sounds so farfetched and ridiculous that it just might be true.

Gabrielle Eden said...

You'd better get right on that one, KD!