Monday, July 30, 2007

Warning: Spoiler

Don't go any further if you don't want to know what Marty Andrade's review of the Simpson's Movie entails. Just go read it.

He thought it sucked!!!!!!

That's too bad. I like The Simpsons. Mocha-momma doesn't, and she always let me know about it when she catches me watching it. Heaven forbid if one of the kids is with me while it's on. That's the problem with the Simpsons and overly-sensitive conservatives however, if you take bits and pieces, you develop a certain mindset; but, if you watch it religiously, you see that there are some very good lessons taught, and that it tends to skewer the whole gamut of values, icons, beliefs, etc., all across the board. It's simply a very funny show. It's kind of like the Bible. You can just pick out tidbits here and there, and condemn it; or, you can read the whole thing, put everything in context, and see how it all makes sense.

I'm still gonna have to see it, no matter what Marty says; but, I'll just lower my expectations and look for the redeeming moments. I'll probably wait now till it comes out on video.

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