Monday, July 02, 2007

No, I'm not retiring

Hey y'all. What a busy weekend. Didn't have time to do any posting. I did however have a minute available to take a quick poke at Ben. I had an AKJ story and a cruise ship story lined up to write on, but didn't get to do anything on them.

I had read a story in WND about a pit bull attack on a lady and her dog. When I checked back on it, the story was off; so, I did a google search on pit bull attacks in June of '07. There were about 6 different stories that popped up from all over the country. Unbelievable. I just saw another one today on another pit bull attack. They're almost as dangerous as our little sheltie, I don't how much longer we'll be able to keep her. I'm getting carpal problems from all the petting I have to do to her. She's giving me a rash from laying next to me so much. I'm losing the skin on my toes because of her licking. I tell ya, she's evil.

There was a cruise ship event also. This one was actually a suicide by cruise boat. Some young kid purposely jumped overboard and died.

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July. We're going over to the big city, Delano, and catch their parade. I'm sure all you non-Minnesotans must have heard of the Delano parade.


Marty said...

BTW, you were tagged.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that, how did I miss that post? This one is actually going to take some thought; screw work today.


Gabrielle Eden said...

Forget retirement, you're gonna get fired, you "cyberslacker!"