Tuesday, July 10, 2007

News of the Weird

No, not from the News of the Weird website; from Drudge and Fox News.

Coroner Accused Of Cruelty To Guinea Pigs
LANCASTER, Pa. -- Lancaster County coroner Dr. Gary Kirchner's basement is like a small zoo with iguanas, fish and birds, but it's the guinea pigs that got him in trouble with a Lancaster County humane officer.

The citations carry a fine of up to $750 each. If convicted, Kirchner would have to pay for veterinary care of 11 guinea pigs that were taken from his home. Those guinea pigs are currently in the care of a guinea pig rescue organization.

My main question about this article---is this guinea pig rescue organization staffed with Peruvians. I'd start to wonder about motivation if it was.

Woman Charged With Attacking Husband With Fork in Restaurant
Despite an 86-year-old man's objections, his wife will stand trial on accusations of stabbing him with a fork during a restaurant food fight.
Earlier charges against 47-year-old Kelly Campbell-Baumgartner were dropped when William Baumgartner denied he had been stabbed and said he had no interest in bringing charges against his wife

Denied, or just didn't remember? The guy should consider himself lucky he wasn't married to The Ripper from NC. (refer to castration story mentioned previously) I'd be interested to hear the story on how these two hooked up.

Woman Juror Arrested After Allegedly Listening to MP3 Player During Murder Trial

A woman juror has been arrested after she was allegedly caught listening to an MP3 player hidden beneath her hijab during a murder trial in London.
The Muslim woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is accused of concealing the device beneath her headscarf so that she could listen to music during the testimony of a man who bludgeoned his disabled wife to death.
It is thought to be the first time that a juror has been accused of listening to music during a trial. John Cooper, a criminal barrister, said that people found guilty of contempt received an average of three years in prison. “It follows a long pedigree of contempt cases including jurors falling asleep and, in one case, jurors who used a Ouija board before they found a defendant guilty,” he said.

You know, I really think that the whole concept of being judged by a panel of your peers is something that needs to be rethought. It seems to me that there's a bigger question regarding this story--what kind of music was this Muslim woman listening to on an MP3 player. My money would be Lynard Skynard.

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Gabrielle Eden said...

She wasn't listening to Lynard Skynard! It was Megadeath! Don't give her so much credit!