Thursday, July 05, 2007

Maybe not so weird for TX

From News of the Weird

In May, the San Antonio (Texas) Independent School District announced that Elizabeth Rojas had been fired as principal of Smith Elementary school after failing for the 38th time the required state educators' test. (However, she was reassigned to a lesser position at Smith, at almost her old salary.) [WOAI-TV (San Antonio), 5-18-07]

You know the old saying, "38 strikes and you're out." Now, I'm not claiming that the following tidbits I'm passing along are fact; but just take them at face value, and you might have heard differently.

A few years ago we were looking into the possibility of moving to Houston. I was working with Xerox at the time, and I was going to try and find an opening down there so that MM could be closer to her parents, who are retired in Mission TX. (which isn't really close to Houston, but a heckuva lot closer than MN) Anyway, we were in contact with a realtor that we found on the web, and when we asked about communities and schooling within the Houston area, he spoke quite candidly and said he could not recommend one single school district in the entire metropolitan area. Probably within two weeks, we had spoken with at least 5 other people with experience in this area of TX, and they all said exactly the same thing---if you go, keep them out of the public schools.

Now, that being said, I'm sure there are many public school graduates of Houston schools who are successful and getting along in life. I'm not sure what the school districts are like in Dallas, but that's where Palmboy is from, so at least we know there's one educated person in that area. This weird bit doesn't say much for the state of education in San Antonio; but it's not an overwhelming indictment. Minneapolis hired an unqualified school superintendent a few years back, which was more of an indictment on the liberal idiots running city hall, than on the education system as a whole.

Again, this story doesn't mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but I found it amusing.


Steve said...

How dare they fire this poor woman? Don't they know the damage they're doing to her fragile self-esteem? As long as she feels good about herself, she should pass, right?

Palm boy said...

Sorry, Homeschooled.
But the School districts around here aren't terrible, but if they're considered excellent, I'm worried.

Bike Bubba said...

There was a principal in Massachusetts that had the same problem--I think it was 12 times or something like that.