Friday, July 27, 2007

Imagine the havoc these two masterminds could muster if they ever got together.

Nebraska Man Gets 5 Years for Underwear Thievery
KEARNEY, Nebraska — A Nebraska man was sentenced to up to five years in prison for stealing underwear and other personal items from a woman he knew from his work.
Dan Trompke, 37, was initially charged with burglary after officers found more than 500 women's undergarments in a December search of his Nebraska home.

Former Qwest CEO sentenced to 6 years in prison in insider trading case
DENVER — Former Qwest Communications chief executive Joe Nacchio was sentenced to six years in prison Friday for making $52 million in illegal stock sales while a multibillion-dollar accounting scandal brought the telecommunications company to the brink of bankruptcy.

I bet Joe now regrets he didn't just go for stealing women's undies, rather than trying to abscond with $52 million. He'd be doing a year less time.

I just find the duration of the sentences amusing. Nearly the same punishment for stealing underwear and $52 million. Throw in to the mix the guy that was jailed for 10 years for stealing an ice cream cone. It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world in the justice system of this country.


Dan S. said...

Maybe the underwear thief got a harsher sentence because it's a copycat crime.

Gabrielle Eden said...

That's some funny funny stuff - Johnny Carson