Thursday, July 26, 2007

Breaking news on Fox; it's the 9/11 of the AKJ

Rampaging Elephants Kill 8 in Northeast India
GAUHATI, India — Two domesticated elephants went on a rampage in India's remote northeast, killing eight people and wounding five others before being shot dead by police, officials said Thursday.

The two elephants, a male and a female, ran through at least five villages, trampling anyone who got in their way before crossing into the neighboring state of Mizoram, where police were called in.

Angry villagers protesting the lack of protection burned down the local forestry office.

How could you not possibly see two rampaging elephants running at you and get out of the way? Rampaging seems to me to imply that they weren't exactly trying to be stealthy. It's not like they can make a cut like Barry Sanders and take you out.

Burning down the local forestry office because they didn't protect them from nutcase jihadists: what kind of mindset is that?

That's not all that Fox highlighted, will we all be able to sleep after seeing this:

Pop Tarts: Paris Hilton Spotted With Mischa Barton's Ex

Do you think there's some kind of parallel universe going on, and they feel they need to put this junk out as news for the people living in some other plane of existence?

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