Thursday, June 14, 2007

US Open is off and running

I enjoy watching golf on TV, even though I'm not in the prime demographics of the advertisers. I'm not going to be in the market soon for a new Cadillac or Lexus. I can't even remember who I picked to win in the PGA contest, I think it was Luke Donald. Everyone picks Tiger or Phil. I figure my odds of being drawn as the winner would be better if I picked a darkhorse, and he actually pulled through.

I'm a bogey golfer. It never seems to matter what kind of course I play, I'm always in the 90's. I have my rare great shots and holes; but, usually I'm on and putting for par from about 30 feet. I haven't developed any set style based on any of the pros; but I might start emulating this guy. After my swing, I'll follow through right into a chicken dance. Maybe that will get me some more distance and accuracy. I'll have the opportunity to try it this Saturday. It will be my first outing this year, and it's with my brother from Houston. He's a 4-handicap at his home course. I can't wait to get home and watch the replay of today's round.

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