Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The other white meat

Peru Celebrates Tasty Guinea Pigs
CHURIN, Peru -- Peru's celebration of the guinea pig included contests for the biggest, the best-dressed _ and the tastiest. The second annual festival of the cuy, as guinea pigs are known in the Andes, brought brass bands into the streets of highland Churin on Sunday to celebrate all things related to the furry rodents.

There was also a competition for the biggest guinea pig; the winner weighed in at almost 8 pounds of flesh, fat and fur. And some competed in a fashion show of traditional Andean dress, with guinea pigs decked out in fedoras and frilly skirts looking like Disney cartoons come to life.

An 8 pound guinea pig!!! Our sheltie weighs 8 pounds. I knew that they were a delicacy in Peru, what I didn't know was that people dress them up. I think I just found a new hobby. Expect to see some guinea pig glamour shots coming up. That's a great idea for a new business. Glamour Shots for Pets. I'll get right on that.


little-cicero said...
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little-cicero said...

Sheesh- I'd be morbidly obese too if I lived in a cage that is twice my height by twice my height with a floor covered in Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwiches. You've got a floor of greens AND a bowl of food there- that pig doesn't even have to move to get a midnight snack!

No offense to you as a pet owner. Obviously, the guinea pig is happy and healthy, so nothing to worry about!

Anonymous said...

These aren't our pigs. This was a picture that went with the story. Our girls get fresh food daily, along with their regular pellet food. I don't know what they fed this pig. Maybe it's Barry Bonds guinea pig.


Rev. Mother said...

When our guinea pig died last month my brother told me that his wife said we could have had a feast with him. But then she's from Ecuador. We simply buried him. He was old anyway, I think he might have been tough and stringy.

Bike Bubba said...

that's what marinades are for, Rev. Mother!