Saturday, June 23, 2007

Momma worked while we all played

Mocha-momma picks up part-time jobs for local entertainment companies doing stuff like face-painting, airbrush tattoos, henna tattoos, and other assorted fun things. She'll make from $25-50 an hour doing it. I've also done stuff with them in the past, but it usually entails running games, most kids wouldn't want stick figures on their faces. These companies get hired for special events, company picnics, grand openings, etc. Today MM was hired to do airbrush tattoos at a charity run for Children's Cancer Research. The event was on Harriet Island in St. Paul.

The kids and I tagged along, and while MM worked, we went right across the Mississippi River and visited the Science Museum of Minnesota. It was a great day all around. MM said that many of the kids she tattooed today were cancer survivors, and she was in tears telling me about some of the kids she met as we were driving home. She talked about one young girl, about our Hannah's age, who had lost a leg, but she ran in the kid's race.

On the way home, we stopped and picked up some Thai food from one our favorite local places. Right now I'm sitting in my comfy chair, full to the max, and straining to keep my eyes open. I hear a nap calling my name.

The Michelangelo of tattoo artists doing her stuff

Harriet Island is where the paddleboats take off for cruises up the mighty Mississippi. Funny thing, the area isn't an island. Not quite sure how they came up with the name. Somebody said there's some little dinky island just up the river, and that's it. Not sure who Harriet was, I'll have to google that.

This is a shot from a balconey at the Science Museum. That's the pavillion where MM was working, and where the race finished up.

Prehistoric squirrel skeleton at the museum. I guess they naturally got smaller as they got more insidious. They called it something else, but I can smell a squirrel a mile away, like Bill Murray in Caddyshack.


Gino said...

aww... photos with grampa!
i remember doin stuff like that with my gramps. it was a lotta fun.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Hello to Mocha Momma and the kids!

Anonymous said...

So, I'm a little prematurely white in the beard. You can't see the hair, but it's all natural and black. At least I'm not as far along as Tony Randall, having a baby in his 70's.


Gino said...

uh huh.
sure it is.