Friday, May 04, 2007

Yeah, but is it a positive or a negative influence

I imagine most of you have seen this, but if not:

Time magazine picks its 100 most influential people
The list of 100 most influential, on newsstands Friday, also includes Queen Elizabeth II, presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, YouTube founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, director Martin Scorsese and model Kate Moss. It does not include President Bush.

As I looked at many of their choices, I pretty much shook my head in dismay, or actually laughed out loud. There could be many choices as the most assinine pick, but mine would be Kate Moss. I don't know much about her, other than that she's an anorexic looking supermodel of the heroin-chic style, she herself is plagued with drug addictions, and her boyfriend is a heroin addicted twit who abuses her. Now exactly how is she suppose to be influential in this world, other than in an extremely negative way. I think the panel that made the selection were all snorting line after line of cocaine.

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Mercy Now said...

The story's influential in that it reminds us that people who strive to be so "beautiful" really look like prisoners in Jewish concentration camps, all bones. It also confirms that fame & fortune is no guaranty of a joyful life. As one vs states what does it profit for a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?