Sunday, May 06, 2007

We partied like it was 1999

MM and I had quite a treat yesterday. JR was off at Boy Scout camp for the weekend and Hannah was at a birthday party all afternoon, so MM and I actually had free time to ourselves, sans kids. We decided to go out on a date and paint the town red.

So, after the nap, we got dressed and took off to go visit the local Tractor Supply Company store. We had a ball checking out the lawn and garden area. After a while of browsing, we picked up some dog food and made our way home. We were pretty trashed from all the excitement, but we still had enough energy to go for a nice walk before Hannah got home. I tell ya, I almost felt like I was in my late 30's again.


Gabrielle Eden said...

Whah! I had a good guffaw over that one!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Prayed for you again on National Day of Prayer while I fasted. Just telling you not to brag about fasting, which I find to be horrible, but to stress that something has been done to put the axe to the root of the disease problem in the name of Jesus. My friend at my church has had a miracle, so we have already seen results, so don't knock it.