Sunday, May 20, 2007

We are now, if not true-blue, at least honorary rednecks

I'm a simple kind of man, but give me three steps and I'll be flying high like a free bird, and you can call me the breeze. I've gotten fairly mellow over the years, and Mocha-momma has given me an appreciation of milder and more classical forms of music; but the rock-and-roll lover inside of me has never gone away. To say that I was absolutely blown away by Lynard Skynard last night would be an understatement. I felt like I was 25 again; and only the fact that my wife was sitting next to me, and I was sober, kept me in the here and now.

I have to admit that I wasn't quite sure how Mocha-momma was going to take the experience, her tastes running about the exact opposite of mine; but, to her credit, she absolutely loved it. She may not have known alot of the songs, but she really enjoyed the whole atmosphere and the energy that the crowd exuded during the entire concert. One thing we did notice---MM may have been the only person in the crowd, (heck, she may have been the only person in the history of Lynard Skynard concerts) who wore a pastel outfit. I told her we'll have to see if Harley Davidson has pastel outfits, that way she'd at least fit in somewhat if we ever go to another concert like this.

The opening act, I never did get the name of the band, weren't that great; but they were extremely loud. I don't know any of Hank William Jr's music, other than 'Are you ready for some football,' so we only stayed for about 4 of his songs, then left to get back to the kids. But in between, for about 90 glorious minutes, Skynard played all of their big hits, and then the encore. I've heard a live version of Free Bird on a CD; but I was not prepared for hearing it in person, at about 1000 decibles. Holy cow, if you could tap the energy put out by those guys in the band during that song, you could probably light Las Vegas for a year.

I don't know if we'll ever go to a concert like this again; but when I'm older, and gray, to remember my last concert was Lynard Skynard, and the way they performed, I won't have any regrets.


Gabrielle Eden said...

Mocha-momma - you wear your pastel proud!

Steve said...

Free Bird!