Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Unforseen consequence of the MN Smoking Ban

From News of the Weird

Stewart Laidlaw, 35, was banished from Thirsty Kirsty's pub in Dunfermline, Scotland, in March, following numerous complaints about his excessive flatulence. (A shocked Laidlaw said no one had complained before, but conceded that was probably because cigarette smoke had been masking the odor until Scotland's recent smoking ban.) [Dunfermline Press, 3-22-07]

That's not much of a trade-0ff is it. At least the flatulence doesn't permeate your clothes like cigarette smoke. Of course I wouldn't have to worry, as my flatulence is generally like the scent of a flower garden. (No comments allowed by Mocha-momma; and, no references to compost piles)


Gabrielle Eden said...

Too too funny!

Dan S. said...

That's it!!!

This is how we convince MN lawmakers to kill the smoking ban!

We remind them that methane (i. e., farts) is 30 times as potent a greenhouse gas as carbon dioxide (i. e., the primary combustion product of tobacco).

With cigarettes burning up all the ambient methane and instead just letting off a little harmless CO2, I'd be surprised if MN lawmakers didn't mandate smoking in bars (especially those which serve Old Milwaukee -- whew!).

Of course, we run the risk of a slippery slope. If they instead impose a statewide farting ban, well, seriously, I'd have to move...