Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Received this in a company e-mail

Did you know... During its World Cruise that concluded recently, Seven Seas Voyager hosted more than 300 cocktail parties, and guests consumed more than 300 pounds of caviar, 30,000 pounds of beef and 130,000 eggs. A total of 352 guests were on the full voyage, and 3,892 pieces of luggage were taken off the ship at the end of the cruise!

My company, which will remain unnamed, has its hand in a number of pies, one of which is the hospitality business, and that includes operating a cruise line. These are some interesting facts, but I'd be curious to learn about some other fact based details as well; for instance:
  • How many hangovers were generated after the 300 cocktail parties?
  • How many pounds of excrement were produced after eating 30,000 pounds of beef?
  • How many times did passengers vomit over the railing, or in their rooms? (more than likely from eating fish eggs)
  • How many towels were stolen and carried off in the 3,892 pieces of luggage?
  • How many times did some bozo stand in the front and yell, "I'm king of the world?"
  • Did they ever show The Poseidon Adventure in the ship's theater?
  • How many times was the theme to Love Boat sung by drunken revelers?
So many interesting tidbits that we're missing. The good news is that they made no mention of people falling overboard, no mass illness outbreaks, no evacuations due to grounding or fires, and obviously, it didn't sink.

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